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Cook Eat Nourish Podcast

Jan 31, 2024

046 - Sustainable Microgreens From Bowfield Farm 

Prior to starting Bowfield Farm in July 2022, I worked for a pharma company for 14 years as an internal audit Director.

Ciara Allen top 3 tips. 

  1. Little changes can make all the difference, introduce new healthier foods once a week or try meat free one day a week.
  2. Explore your foods origin - Dig a little into where your food is coming from, we need to reconnect with where our food is coming from.
  3. Take time for yourself, preferably in nature. The world today is so busy, we forget to take a moment for ourselves.

ABOUT THE HOST - Fiona Staunton

Fiona Staunton is a Ballymaloe trained Chef and has a Degree in Education from Trinity.

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